• TakeUp.Org | December 2009

    Sovrenti recently updated the TakeUp.Org using the SMP X (Enhanced) feature set. TakeUp.Org is an online advocacy organization created to enlighten, enlist, educate and train Kingdom Activists.

  • Vision 2010, Vision America | January 2010

    Vision America hired Sovrenti to develop creative and media strategies, as well develop all advertising/pr elements for upcoming "Vision 2010" campaign.

  • HarrisGOP.TV | February 2010

    We recently launched HarrisGOP.TV, the latest client to utilize the new SMP Enhanced (Blog/Vlog) System. Key features include YouTube/Facebook integration, mobile functionality, WordPress for Blog. Site is prototype for future development in this area.

  • Texans For Huckabee | February 2008

    Many of the Sovrenti Team had the great fun of working on the Texans for Huckabee Campaign, including developing the website and a number of animations and videos. Most notably we integrated our new 3D game engine technology to create a virtual "Huckabee Town" where visitors could navigate in an immersive environment and learn more about Mike and his campaign.

  • Vision America | September 2008

    Sovrenti is proud to launch the first site using our New Sprocket CMS. Vision America has taken advantage of Sprockets CMS, Event, Article, Media and Syndication Modules. Launching soon Vision America will also incorporate Sprockets, Email Communication, Members and Ecommerce modules.

  • Sovrenti Client “John Devine Campaign” wins Texas Supreme Court

    Sovrenti was instrumental in several of John Devine’s Campaigns starting in 2003.  Present as he was anointed with oil from the Holy Land by Texas Pastor Council’s Dave Welch as he was sworn in as a Justice of the Texas Supreme Court.  You may watch a short section of the video (it is part of a larger composition in development) at this Anointing:

  • Sovrenti Hired by Vision America

    Sovrenti is thrilled to announce we will be developing the new online home for Vision America and Vision America Action, led by Dr. Rick Scarborough.  Vision America will be the first site to employ all of Sovrenti Technology, including our vastly expanded web features and database-driven CMS (Content Management System).