We recently launched HarrisGOP.TV, the latest client to utilize the new SMP Enhanced (Blog/Vlog) System. Key features include YouTube/Facebook integration, mobile functionality, WordPress for Blog. Site is prototype for future development in this area.

February 2010

Vision America hired Sovrenti to develop creative and media strategies, as well develop all advertising/pr elements for upcoming "Vision 2010" campaign.

January 2010

Sovrenti recently updated the TakeUp.Org using the SMP X (Enhanced) feature set. TakeUp.Org is an online advocacy organization created to enlighten, enlist, educate and train Kingdom Activists.

December 2009

Vision America was founded by Pastor Rick Scarborough to reach across the nation and help mobilize thousands of his fellow pastors of all denominations. He recognized that if he, as pastor, did not promote active citizenship within his congregation then participation dropped dramatically. Conversely, if he was proactive in speaking to the moral issues and encouraging civic involvement in his church many more people took their citizenship seriously and became active.

September 2008