Because of broadband availability and lower costs, more and more churches and ministries are using rich media to connect to their communities and attenders. By using Sovrenti's SMP 2.0 you can deliver and manage your rich media - from sermons (video and audio), event videos, ministry videos, music, and much more!

SMP 2.0 is a powerful web-based media player that makes it simple for you to manage and deliver your video and audio to a limitless number of people with an internet connection.


  • 400x300 default video size
  • Video doubling zoom feature allows you to watch the video in nearly 800x600
  • Videos and audio sorted in folders within the playlist make it easier to navigate through large numbers of media
  • Search features allow you to type in a keyword and find media quickly browse media feature lets you organize media by title, file type, date added, or popularity
  • "Mail to a Friend" feature lets you email a link to a video to a friend. They receive an html email with a preview image of the video and a link to play the video. This system allows for a "viral video" to quickly disseminate throughout the net.
  • Import and play MP3 files and make them available for download
  • Ranking system allows you to see which media items are played the most so you can better gauge their effectiveness
  • The SMP2 is completely skinnable so that the player can be better incorporated into your existing site.